Contract and binding contract terms



of the natural gas supply contract concluded by the Public Service Provider with the non-domestic Consumer

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Natural gas supply agreement

List of required documents

Documents required for the conclusion of the contract by a non-household consumer:


- the application form which is provided by the supplier, which includes the name, address, telephone, fax, and e-mail of the applicant;


- a copy of the title deed or a copy of the document attesting a right in rem or right of use over the immovable property which is the subject of the place of consumption in question;


- the extract from the State Register of Legal Entities and Sole Proprietors, issued by the Public Services Agency, no later than 3 months before the date of submission of the application or a copy of another document proving the right to carry out the activity, if applicable, tax code, settlement account, name of the bank through which the applicant makes payments;


- copy of the delimitation act, signed by the system operator;


- volumes and periods of natural gas supply


- a copy of the natural gas installation acceptance report (if applicable); power of attorney, notarized, in the case of signature of the Contract by an authorized person.


- if the applicant owns the property based on a right other than ownership (rental contract, lease, etc.), he shall additionally submit to the Supplier: a letter of guarantee from the owner of the property that is the subject of the place of consumption, and if the owner of the property is a natural person, the letter shall be authenticated by a notary;


- the technical readiness statement for the place of consumption, attached to the technical agreement between the non-household consumer and the distribution system operator in the authorized territory.

If the applicant owns the property based on a right other than ownership, the Supplier shall conclude a gas supply contract for a limited period, with the right to record in the natural gas supply contract the condition of prepayment of the monthly gas consumption, subsequently recalculating according to the indices of the metering equipment.



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The volumes and supply periods of natural gas

Change of natural gas supplier:

General information:

• The final consumer has the right to freely choose a natural gas supplier, provided that all debts to the current supplier are paid in full. • The procedure for changing the supplier is governed by specific legislation, including the Law on natural gas no. 108 of 27.05.2016 and the Regulation on the procedure for changing the natural gas supplier approved by ANRE Decision no, 363/2020 of 25.09.2020.

Steps of the procedure:

1. Negotiation of contractual clauses with the new supplier. 2. Submission of the request to change the supplier: • At the premises of the current supplier • To the e-mail address of the current supplier • The request can be submitted by the final consumer or the new supplier, based on a power of attorney. 3. 3. Payment by the consumer of all bills and penalties to the current supplier. 4. Notify the new supplier and the system operator of the initiation of the procedure. 5. Submission by the system operator of information on the place of consumption. 6. Control of measuring equipment and reading of indices at the time of change of supplier. 7. Supply of natural gas by the new supplier. 8. Issuing the final invoice by the current supplier. 9. Payment by the consumer of the consumption charge according to the agreed terms.

Duration of the procedure:

• The change of supplier is done within a maximum of 20 calendar days from the submission of the request by the consumer. • The date of the change shall be deemed to be the day of the drawing up of the inspection report of the metering equipment by the system operator.



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