The prices offered to our customers vary according to the contractual conditions negotiated with each customer. It is certain that the prices offered by «National Power Corp» are much more attractive than those on the regulated market.

Payment methods

Natural gas payments by non-household consumers can be made in a variety of ways, and receiving payments by bank transfer is one of the common and convenient ways for many consumers. Here's how this payment method works:

Establishment of the Bank Account of NATIONAL POWER CORP:

This account is used to receive payments from customers.

Issuing the Invoice:

The non-household consumer receives a bill for payment of natural gas consumption.

Bank Transfer:

The consumer can make a bank transfer to the natural gas supplier's account using the payment information provided on the bill. This information includes the bank account address, IBAN code, and other details necessary to identify the payer and the recipient.

Payment Confirmation:

After the bank transfer is made, the consumer is required to send the payment confirmation to the natural gas supplier – «NATIONAL POWER CORP» to ensure that the payment is recorded and accounted for correctly.

Payment Monitoring:

Both the natural gas supplier and the consumer monitor payments and account balances to ensure that all payments are made on time and in accordance with contractual agreements.

Both parties must comply with the terms and conditions agreed in the natural gas supply contract, including the payment terms and the accepted methods of payment. The use of bank transfers for natural gas payment can provide a level of security and convenience for both consumers and suppliers.

Preventive payment

Conditions for applying/releasing the preventive payment The supplier is entitled to require prepayment for natural gas consumption from the final consumer in the following cases:

1) Where the final consumer's natural gas installations have been disconnected from the natural gas system for non-payment of the bill, the final consumer's unjustified refusal to grant system operator's personnel access to the place of consumption;

2) The natural gas supply contract is concluded based on a right in rem other than ownership;

3) If the immovable property which is the subject of the place of consumption is mortgaged, seized, or the rights thereon are the subject of a dispute in court;

4) Insolvency proceedings are initiated against the final consumer.

The amount of the prepayment is set by the supplier and must not exceed the cash equivalent of the average monthly natural gas consumption.

In the case of natural gas supply contracts concluded with final consumers - non-householders, the amount of the prepayment shall not exceed the equivalent of the average gas consumption over two months. The amount of the prepayment shall be indicated in the natural gas supply contract. The supplier will release the consumer from the prepayment if he has fulfilled his obligations in full for one year. The prepayment shall be made by the final consumer disconnected from the natural gas network before reconnection and resumption of the natural gas supply. In the event of termination of the natural gas supply contract with the final consumer making the prepayment, the supplier shall make the final calculation of consumption and payment for the natural gas supplied and shall, where appropriate, refund the final consumer the difference until the natural gas supply contract is terminated.